Onnie (onyxobsidian) wrote,

When nobody's hurt

Well Jeff's alive. I don't know whose to say for me if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I called him expecting to request a phone call from him explaining what his intentions are towards me and why his actions are as they are, or were as they were. He picked up, though, to my surprise. Then I talked to him and very vaguely explained I was kind of wondering what was going on for the past couple days but his answer was odd... he said his mind was still on that $8 he won. Yeah.
He said we can hang out tomorrow which I guess I can be excited for, but I plan on explaining to him what I've been thinking the past few days when he's failed to return my calls, but leading me on to think this thing was going somewhere - in much less overdramatic terms than my mind has led me to show myself, of course.
Another thing... he asked me to remind him what my phone number was. Did he not put it in his phone before and remembered, or did he take me out of his phone?

My thoughts on the thing wholly are:
The guy's 18. He's far too young to be doing any malevolent screwing over/leading people on thing. You may disagree, but trust me. I know this guy.
The guy's 18. Maybe he's... not matured in the way that you pick up on when someone cares, and that you shouldn't leave people hanging as he has, or maybe to realize when he is leaving people hanging.

The guy's 18. My age. Younger than I am. Aside from what's been going on these past 48 hours, he's so right for me. We click so well. Wasting something so special to me would have to be on the top of my worries.

I've thought it over some, and what if I don't really bring it up? I can play dumb both to him and myself. Riding a rollercoaster is much funner, after all, if you just let it take you wherever it may end up instead of checking for an inspection after every inversion, am I right?
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