Onnie (onyxobsidian) wrote,

Well it's been a while since I've updated. Do you know why? Because nothing big or exciting is going on! Well, I guess by that I mean there's been no major drama that I need to kind of keep secret, which I guess is good. I usually only write in here when things aren't going right, or people, who read my other journal and have boyfriends who read my other journal, decide it'd be fun to fool around with my anyway and I just HAVE to report it. Nothing like that's going on...

All quiet on the western front. Hm.. not much on the north, south, or eastern fronts either. It's just been all work, little play, and no play play.

Hey, I can talk about Jake. I like Jake. Jake and I had a little bit of SOMETHING going on back in like May/June or theresabouts. But you see, back then I was 18 and Jake was 15. We only ever made out, but...

He moved to Utah. I went to Alaska. I came back from Alaska. He's moving back from Utah. When I saw him again a whole rush of insatiated feelings flooded my body. That's when Eli jumped all over him. Eli, the guy who's "engaged" yet sleeps with everyone he can anyway. I like Eli. He's a cool, fun, pretty guy, but he's just kinda trashy. And it's not fair for him to get all the boys when he already has one waiting for him at home. It's a lose-lose-lose-lose-lose situation all around.

So he had Jake. Later that party event scene day thing, he was all over this guy named Josh. I had no feelings for Josh since I thought he was straight anyway, but he was all over Josh. Maybe I could get closer to Jake at this intimate house party we were at? No. Eli's all over both of them.

Next week, Eli's with this new guy and they have a threesome with a stranger in a bathhouse.

Next week, Eli and Jake are barely even talking to each other. Wonder what the deal is there. Then Jake's all over the Josh guy on the ride home.

I'm 19. Jake's still 15. Maybe it's for the best that I don't get involved as one of these statutory rapists. But Jake is so friggen... well, he's not gorgeously stereotypically manly or anything, but he's not 15. He's 6 foot something, strong features, deep, raspy voice. My favorite thing about him is his voice... I'm not like REALLY REALLY after him or anything. I just don't like being left out. Plus I'm just pretty lonely. I haven't dated anyone in over a year and I live by myself. It's kind of depressing.
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