Onnie (onyxobsidian) wrote,

Guess what


September I went to Europe.

Look at my pictures.

We went to die Residenz in Munich.

Also, Oktoberfest!!

Checked out the Berlin Wall

Climbed buildings made out of WWII ruins in the East German city of Dresden.

Saw some gorgeous architecture in Prague.

Hung around with the bones of 40,000 people in the Czech Republic, ornately decorating an otherwise lugubrious ossuary.

Hopped around on trains

Pissed off some Spanish Horses in Austria.

There were ornate palaces in Vienna.

Drank lots of red wine in Italy.

Which left me contemplating peeing in one of Venice's canals (which I totally did, later that night)

And before flying home we made sure not to leave Europe without checking out a castle straight from a fairy tale.

Good night!!
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